Ordinances 2021

Ordinance 2020-28 New Policy Procedure Employee Manual       

Ordinance 2021-01 Increase for Steve Carrol after returning to work       

Ordinance 2021-02 Renewal of Law Solicitor Gibson       

Ordinance 2021-03 Increase for Sergeant Roberts       

Ordinance 2021-4 Increasing the pay for  Lieutenant Grehl       

Ordinance 2021-5 Acceptance of 2021 Ohio Basic Code       

Ordinance 2021-6 Increase Water and Decrease Sewer by the Same Amount for 2021       

Ordinance 2021-7 Hiring of Daniel Hect as Sabina Police Chief       

Ordinance 2021-8 Reclassify Clerk Assistant - Class 3 @ $13.50  per hour       

Ordinance 2021-9 Implementing a Pay step system for Village employees       

Ordinance 2021-10 Emergency Promote John Grehl to Chief of Police       

Ordinance 2021-11 Emergency establing wages for pool employees       

Ordinance 2021-12 Emergency establishing Assistant Village Administrator 

Ordinance 2021-13 Emergency establishing position of seasonal Pool Manager       

Ordinance 2021-14 Emergency establishing rates for the Sabina Pool        

Ordinance 2021-15 Ordinance declaring and defining nuisances       

Ordinance 2021-16 Establishing buildings and property maintenance requirements       

Ordinance 2021-17 Regulating open burning and noxious fumes       

Ordinance 2021-18 Approval granting ODOT authority to repair and update markings on state hwy. 

Ordinance 2021-19 Authorizing the Release of Special Assessments for Clinton Co Land Reutilization Corp Owned Properties

Ordinance 2021-20 Increasing and Changing the Salaries of Council and Mayor      

Ordinance 2021-21 Ordinance Approving the Solid Waste Mgt. Plan

Ordinance 2022-22 Change Service Charges to Sewer and Water