Pool Pledge Drive

Sabina Pool Pledge Drive

On behalf of the Village of Sabina, the Recreation Committee is asking your support to help improve the Sabina Community Pool. As a member of our community, you understand that the Sabina Community Pool is a source of pride for our Village. As the only community pool in Clinton County, it is utilized by many citizens not only from Sabina, but also from many surrounding counties. Our pool is not a money maker, but a service we provide to our citizens.

Plain and simple we need help with renovations and repairs. We have received some grant money and will continue to apply for more grants, as well as continue to spend our allotted budget wisely and utilize our volunteers. We continue to encounter broken equipment and the added difficulties that COVID19 presents.  If we do any renovations, we will be required to come up to American Disability Act requirements. These improvements will help reduce operation costs and ensure compliance with the Clinton County Health Department and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Unfortunately, the Village cannot afford these repairs without more help from the community. We are asking for your help in the form of a pledge so we might get these needed renovations and repairs completed.